Downs Syndrome

Cycling with Downs Syndrome

Cycling is a great aerobic exercise to get outdoors and keep active. It has proven benefits to your physical health and mental well-being. Keeping active is especially important for people with Down’s Syndrome who can be prone to weight-related conditions such as obesity.

Triple Tread® can broaden the cycling offer for families with a inclusive, innovative, accessible product.


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Latest News

What's happening at The Global River Clinic

27th Mar 2023

Triple Tread® on BBC News

Triple Tread® made the News recently on BBC. An amazing opportunity to talk about inclusive cycling and innovation. The story was broadcast live on local BBC News and on BBC Worldwide. The full clip... read more

13th Jan 2023

Tomorrow Mobility

As we start 2023, I reflect proudly on being invited to contribute with leaders and experts in urban mobility at Tomorrow Mobility – a Global congress organised by the European Institute of Innovation and... read more

11th Nov 2022

Looks Amazing!

Looks Amazing! are the words of a 16 year old teenager when seeing Triple Tread® for first time. When asked why he had described it in this way, he explained that it was because... read more

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