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27th Mar 2023

Triple Tread® on BBC News

Triple Tread® made the News recently on BBC. An amazing opportunity to talk about inclusive cycling and innovation. The story was broadcast live on local BBC News and on BBC Worldwide. The full clip is available to watch on the link below and is now posted on our home page.

Credit BBC


Inclusive Cycling with friends and family

Triple Tread® can give access to the proven physical and Quality of Life benefits of cycling with family and friends. I am very grateful to Andy Reid MBE who took to the saddle for the test ride. He even had opportunity to ride alongside his daughter. It was a very special moment.

Investment and Partnership Opportunity.

A lot of time has been invested into the design work, prototype iteration and fabrication. The development costs securing our IP including registered design and our patent have been an additional strain. Being a disabled entrepreneur creates many extra physical and financial challenges to achieve these objectives.

Triple Tread® is now at the point where we can meet our ambition to provide millions of older adults and people living with a disability with access to a very COOL, innovative and inclusive trike. In the video I reach out to potential investors or cycle brands who align with this goal. There are huge benefits for all in every link of the manufacturing and sales chain.


Recent reports by the Dutch Cycling Embassy highlight additional benefits to health and the economy too. I look forward to Triple Tread® delivering additional numbers to this data.

Dutch Cycling Embassy

“A person on a bicycle can go three to four times faster than the walking pedestrian, but uses five times less energy in the process. Equipped with this tool, humans outstrip the efficiency of not only machines but all other animals as well.”

“Every dollar invested in cycling returns 20 or 30 in social economic benefits reduced carbon, air and noise pollution, improved public health and less congestion. Cycling brings benefits to everyone in a city, whether or not they get on a bike.”

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Triple Tread

Enjoy independence, fun outdoors and freedom when riding Triple Tread®

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