A tricycle’s stability is achieved through their tyres, which provide 3 points of a triangle on the ground.  A triangle is the most rigid shape in geometry.  Triangle’s strength and rigidity can be seen all around us.  Engineers use triangles in the design and building of bridges and in the construction of roof frames.  Other shapes could be used BUT ONLY IF everything else was flat, square and at right angles.

bridge            roof

3 fixed points in a world of uneven ground.

A wooden stool with 3 rigid legs will always stand-up on uneven ground but it doesn’t take much of a push to topple it over. The same principle can be experienced on many tricycles.  At any one moment in time their tyres represent a FIXED triangle.

Due to the effects of centrifugal force, riders have to hike their weight over to avoid tipping when turning at speed.  An extreme example of this can be seen in the racing motorbike and sidecar illustration below.

Sidecar race1

Other three point objects such as camera tripods or theodolite stands benefit from the rigidity of the triangle shape but have the ability to change their geometry to suit the terrain by changing their leg length.  Triple Tread® is built with our unique patented TiltrahedronTM steering technology.  This technology changes the trikes geometry.  Triple Tread®’s TiltrahedronTM steering and its independent suspension and vertical movement on each axle ensure its stability even under steering.

Triple Tread®