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13th Jan 2023

Tomorrow Mobility

As we start 2023, I reflect proudly on being invited to contribute with leaders and experts in urban mobility at Tomorrow Mobility – a Global congress organised by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT- Urban Mobility). The event was held in Barcelona in November and showcased sustainable and innovative solutions to improve transport and mobility.

Triple Tread presentation at Tomorrow Mobility


I presented Triple Tread® as part of solutions to improve inclusivity and accessibility. Our innovative trike with patented steering technology can assist millions of ageing and those with neurological disabilities to get outdoors, keep active, exercise and enjoy cycling with friends and family.



Triple Tread® features a pedal assist electric motor with an integrated battery. It has independent carbon leaf spring suspension on each axle. The rear powertrain shares many of the same components as a standard bike. This means transport, storage, maintenance, upgrade and customisation are easier.

As well as looking great, it has competitive benefits over a standard tricycle designs of improved dynamic stability, braking and aerodynamics.



We’ve been taking the Trike on Tour on test rides with a number of people living with a disability and the response has been incredible.

The Tomorrow Mobility event was attended by over 20,000 people from over 130 countries and was a mix of exhibition, conference and live TV studio broadcasted throughout the event.



Key take-aways from my talk:
15% or European population live with a disability. That’s 100Million people.

– Unfortunately many designers create products for the disability market based purely on function and do not take into account how the product or service makes us FEEL. They are often ugly heavy, expensive and are only available in specialist shops. This emphasises the disability and increases the stigma.

– The economic cost of the lack of activity for Europe’s population €80.4 Billion.


My talk ended with a call out to cycle brands and manufactures to explore working together and sharing in the great benefits and rewards:

For the manufacturer
– Triple Tread® can become a new product offering.

– New revenues.

For the sales channel partner

– Triple Tread® broadens their offer for families with a patented inclusive innovative accessible product.

For the customer

– Triple Tread® gives the user access to a cool trike with cutting edge technology enabling the owner to be proud to enjoy cycling with friends and family. Smashing negative stigmas away. Pushing barriers down. It creates a platform for health benefits such as improving strength, managing weight and improving their Quality of Life.

Benefits for the environment and local economy too.

We also launched our new website design


We are proudly funded by

Triple Tread

Enjoy independence, fun outdoors and freedom when riding Triple Tread®

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