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11th Nov 2022

Looks Amazing!

Looks Amazing! are the words of a 16 year old teenager when seeing Triple Tread® for first time. When asked why he had described it in this way, he explained that it was because Triple Tread® trike “looked just like a bike” rather than any of the tricycles he had seen before.

This comment points to the Triple Tread® design that shares the same rear powertrain as a standard bicycle and means that Triple Tread® uses many of the same components as on a standard bike. Transportation, storage, maintenance, upgrade and customisation are therefore much easier.


As part of Triple Tread®’s ‘Trike on Tour’, we visited a local Downs Syndrome support group. It was so great to hear such positive reaction. Comments such as Looks Amazing! Wow! Very Cool! validate all our design efforts and our focus on BOTH technical innovation and strong aesthetics.

Many designers seem to look purely at the function of the product or service but do not understand how the person with a disability feels when they use it. This is very important rather than creating a product that mearly ‘Ticks the Boxes’.

Triple Tread® gives the access to a cool trike with cutting edge technology including independant suspension, a pedal assist electric motor with integrated battery and our patented steering technology.

Triple Tread enables the owner to be proud to enjoy cycling with friends and family. It creates a platform for health benefits such as improving strength, managing weight and improving quality of life.

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Triple Tread

Enjoy independence, fun outdoors and freedom when riding Triple Tread®

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