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12th Mar 2014

Spring has sprung and the Triple Tread Trike is born!

The idea to design the Triple Tread was born out of a personal need for a cycle that could help the inventor travel longer distances without having to rely on a carer, a motor car or a wheelchair.  Mark’s M.S. symptoms are affecting his walking ability and balance.

He has pushed the boundaries to enable himself and thousands of others around the world to own a new type of tricycle that is unique to the mobility market.  No worries of tipping over when mounting kerbs etc. as the TTTrike will manoeuvre over terrain using its specialist steering mechanisms.

The Triple Tread is at prototype stage at the moment.  Pictures and film footage will be available on this site as soon as I.P. is fully registered in the next few weeks.

Market research will take place at MS Life at Manchester Central (GMex) on 26th & 27th April 2014 when we look forward to sharing our new trike with the public.

It will be an exciting opportunity for the inventor to meet with others like himself with the need for new mobility solutions. Mark will be in the Get Active Zone at the show and looks forward to listening to your ideas and opinions.

2 Responses to “Spring has sprung and the Triple Tread Trike is born!”

  1. Barbara Tate McKanobb says:

    Please keep me informed of progress. I have MS and this would be so wonderful to use. Thank you for following your heart and creating something so amazing!

  2. Bonnie Tuck says:

    Please let me know when these bikes go on the markeet-they look fabulous and I should be able to ride this even with my spms. Thank you!

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