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27th Mar 2014

TRIPLE TREAD – The name. The logo.

The development of the trike has taken different turns including a name change. Following the results of market research the Cassowary became the Triple Tread Trike.  Cassowary seemed appropriate because of its distinctive features. The large, spongy crest protrudes from the top of its head making it look so different from other birds. The trike is also distinctive in its look and capabilities compared to other tricycles on the market today. The name Triple Tread however has derived from the configuration of its wheels and we are pleased with the decision to make the change.

We feel very proud and honoured to have the talented artist, animator and author Angie Taylor to design the logo for Triple Tread. She is very well respected in the media industry and in my opinion the most creative. The logo design is not literal and instead it plays with bold, strong shapes to portray the message so cleverly. The use of the tetrahedron represents the cyclist in motion on the trike. I particularly like the molecular geometric shape as it demonstrates the stability, freshness and excitement of the prospect of riding a unique tricycle that we have developed for extraordinary people.

The Triple Tread Trike will be launched at MS Life.

MS Life logo JPEG

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Triple Tread

Enjoy independence, fun outdoors and freedom when riding Triple Tread®

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