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23rd Jun 2016

The Disabled Coffee

Standard Coffee

Most people will be able to buy a standard cup of coffee in a local coffee shop or café for £1 to £2.


Highstreet Coffee

You will also be able to buy the same type of coffee from a highstreet coffee shop or you could also buy something similar from a pub or restaurant. This coffee is available in many different styles and sizes and might cost typically about £3 – £5. The coffee can be enjoyed with family, friends and colleagues in a social or business environment.  Imagine a situation where as someone disabled, becoming less able or a bit wobbly you are unable to enjoy a highstreet coffee safely without burning yourself or others.  The only option is to buy a disabled coffee.


Disabled Coffee

This cup of coffee is made especially for the disabled.  It has limited choice and is available only in special disabled coffee shops.  It costs approximately £15 and is only served in a small selection of UGLY cups.  Like many products for the disabled market; the cup is strong and heavy, its design is functional but looks grey, dull and boring. The disabled coffee is available as a takeaway so you could drink it with your family and friends where it would most likely be accommodated but your ugly cup will stand out from everyone else’s.  £15 is clearly a lot of money but it’s a ‘NECESSARY purchase’.  Non-disabled people think the price is OK but probably wouldn’t want to be seen using the ugly cup themselves.  Special purchase solutions are available such as grants.  Manufacturing costs, costs of ingredients, profit, margin and sales volumes of the disabled coffee help justify the £15 price tag for the shop owner.  It must be noted that there are a small number of exceptionally well designed disabled coffee cups but these have an even higher price.


SupercoffeeConfident (to pour) and Cool!

It would be served in a special stylish and cool looking cup; a cup which is desirable to everyone and available everywhere.  It has a premium price but still below £10 and is a ‘LIFESTYLE purchase’.  It’s availability in the highstreet coffee shop and it’s desirability might mean that a mixed group of people may all choose to buy Supercoffee.


We want Triple Tread® trike to be the Supertrikeconfident (to ride) and cool!  Aesthetics is as important as function in our design philosophy.  We are close to finalising our design and producing an innovative dynamic looking trike that offers the rider a new option to exercise inclusively.  I’d like to see the trike available to purchase alongside standard bicycles and not look out of place.  We believe that someone concerned about their strength and balance who is exploring potential solutions to maintain and improve their health and mobility might prefer to look in general cycle sale channels rather than from a disability store.  We are all aging and need to keep active.  We are exploring all investment options to enable production and achieve an availability price-point for all.



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