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1st Jul 2014

A Twisting and Turning Pathway to Cycle Manufacture

Since securing I.P. we have been busy seeking funding pathways to manufacture the Triple Tread trike.   It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to put a bid together for any type of grant, which can be a very long process.  Our enthusiasm for getting this product to market keeps us motivated and we won’t be disheartened by this journey taking longer than anticipated.  We will keep learning by our experiences along the way.  When your business ethic is concerned with trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives then your daily tasks are worthwhile.

When we set up the company we were warned that a husband and wife partnership in business could be disastrous.  It makes me happy to see the joy that our venture is bringing to Mark and I think that we make a good team up to now.  He uses time management strategies to help manage his M.S. symptoms when working. We do have separate working zones though, so we have a little breathing space between us sometimes!

We are extremely pleased to have the support from a Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and we look forward to hopefully working together to conduct applied research to contribute to the improvement of healthcare interventions and services for people with a lack of balance, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

There has been particular interest from athletes at the British Cycling team who are keen to test how well the trike corners on the competitive event tracks. We have been enjoying supporting the achievements of the paracyclists and we wish them all good luck in the forthcoming events throughout the summer.

Triple Tread trike at British Cycling Salt Ayre circuit

Triple Tread trike at British Cycling Salt Ayre circuit


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