Healthy Active Ageing

It is well established and demonstrated that regular aerobic exercise is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise can reduce the risk of coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, maintain a healthy weight and improve self-esteem for a positive quality of life.

Becoming an adult brings opportunities to drive a car and many employment and family responsibilities that mean our time is often committed elsewhere.  This can mean we fall into bad habits and do much less or no exercise.

Latest recommendations advise a reduction in time on sedentary activities such as watching TV and an increase in moderate physical activity such as brisk walking and cycling.


There may not be the need to build muscle tone to look good in the mirror or on the beach but when ageing creeps up it brings with new health concerns.  A good level of strength and mobility can provide bone protection, blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular support for a healthy heart rate and blood pressure. Add to that additional benefits like stress release and the opportunity to socialise, and there’s no reason not to take an active interest in staying active.

It can become more difficult, as we get even older to get back into a positive fitness regime.  This could be due to a number of factors such as time or motivation.  It is often too easy to create an excuse why not to exercise.  Many older adults have understandable concerns about restarting cycling due to weaker muscles and joints or maybe a fear of falling.  Triple Tread® trike is a new cycling option to address these concerns.