Paula likes the cool design of the TT trike and feels stable riding it.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong, non-progressive neurological condition.  Damage to the brain and spinal cord’s motor areas can occur before or during birth.  The term Cerebral Palsy can also be given to some later in life due to a traumatic brain injury.

Cerebral Palsy effects muscle tone.  Typical symptoms of stiffness, tightness and weakness can mean poor co-ordination and body movement.  Organisations such as CP Sport who support those with Cerebral Palsy promote physical therapy.

Everyone is effected differently and the severity of symptoms determine which type and amount of physical activity is appropriate and what outcomes are achieved but evidence shows that exercise can play an important role in improving the physical movement and QoL .

Brain training:

Repetitive actions and exercises can re-start brain message pathways or create new pathways which in-turn can improve range of muscle movement, muscle strength and balance.  These improve mobility and independence.  A number of interventions to improve physical activity exist.  Triple Tread® provides a new cycling option to support CP Sport recommendations of physical activity.